As a successful principal investor, the Momentum Capital team has long and varied experience as entrepreneurs, managers, investors and managers. This unique perspective allows the team to provide advisory services that are tightly aligned with the thinking of corporations and asset owners.

Corporate Advisory

Momentum Capital advises start-ups, SMEs and large corporation on a varied range of tasks and challenges, such as achieving greater investment or shareholder value, accelerating strategic objectives or capital introduction for growth.


Strategic Real Estate Advisory

Asset owners and developers benefit from the broad hands-on experience of the Momentum Capital team to advise on such tasks as investment or development strategy, reorganisation, portfolio disposals and additions and capital introductions.


Family Office Advisory

Momentum Capital is the direct investment arm of a Single Family Office, dating its origins back several hundred years. The generations of family members, managers and advisors have experienced anything from wars, economic and financial booms and busts, inflations and deflations and quite a few deaths, divorces and the like.