The Momentum Capital team has long and varied investment management experience focused on the specific requirements of a large Single Family Office. This unique perspective allows the team to provide advisory services on a very selective basis that are tightly aligned with the thinking of Family Offices, but also Sovereign Wealth Funds.

Family Office Advisory

Momentum Capital is the direct investment arm of a Single Family Office, which dates its origins back several hundred years. The generations of family members, managers and advisors have experienced anything from wars, economic and financial booms and busts, inflations and deflations and quite a few deaths, divorces and the like. The team has also accumulated specialist expertise in building investment strategies that deliver both sustainable and consistent capital growth and income.


Sovereign Wealth Fund Advisory

Sovereign Wealth Funds are highly important institutions designed to safeguard, preserve and grow a nation's assets and resources. Only 47 of the world's 208 sovereign nations have at least one sovereign wealth fund. Just like sophisticated Family Offices, SWFs seek to invest and grow national wealth and to safeguard it for future generations. Momentum Capital's team is uniquely well positioned in all aspects of advising governments in all aspects of the creation and management of an SWF.