Private Equity

Investing for Growth

Momentum Capital is focused on creating significant business and market momentum by injecting financial and human capital into intrinsically valuable but under-performing companies and, having added this value, exiting after around 2 - 3 years of involvement. We inject fresh capital, but also add experienced management and expertise as well as our unique proprietary selection, planning and execution methodology.

Momentum Capital is an active investor (that's active, not activist). We don't just invest and then turn up regularly for board meetings. Instead, we take a proactive approach, roll up our sleeves and put our backs into helping to achieve the goals of investee companies. We believe that this makes for a more powerful team with management and shareholders and accelerates growth.

Momentum Capital is a short to medium term private equity investor. We see ourselves as a reagent within an investee business. Momentum Capital's objective is to generate significant growth and value momentum. Once that has been achieved we are happy to let a trade buyer, Private Equity or Secondaries fund take over and guide the company to new highs. By aligning tightly with management and shareholders we minimise investment risk and ascertain that our methodology, our investment and business milestones, and ultimately our exit strategy can be achieved.

Momentum Capital is an entrepreneur investor, with a deep interest in rapidly unlocking value and creating new value through the adoption of our Methodology.

Momentum Capital Private Equity Investment Criteria

Typical investment range

Private companies with an enterprise value of between £50m - £500m




Typically agnostic, instead we are market focused. An investee company ought to be in a growth market with no dominant player and room to grow.

We don't invest in Pharma, Life Sciences, Medtech, Health, Crypto, Gaming, Cannabis, Web3, Metaverse, Retail, Sports, Luxury Goods

Investment type

Full acquisition, majority investment, MBI and MBO, Buy-and-build