venture capital

Investing in ground breaking startups

Many of the Momentum Capital team have been successful entrepreneurs in their own right and understand the pain and success of starting up a business. We are keen to invest in start-up businesses to help them achiever their vision and objectives.

What we look for


We are typically sector agnostic. Instead we are more market focused, as with our private equity investments. That is to say, we like to see opportunities in markets which are growing and where there are no dominant players. However, we do not invest in businesses in sectors with long regulatory pathways, such as pharma, life science and med-tech.


Innovation, not invention. We look for innovative solution presenting a novel approach at the leading edge of industry trends. Likewise, it should involve a disruptive technology that changes industry dynamics and is hard to replicate or patent-protected. The innovation could also be a clever solution that addresses a critical market need by alleviating a significant problem.


Overall, Momentum Capital is a B-Round investor. This is really a function of our team size and other activities rather than being risk-adverse. However, we have invested in A-Rounds and even Seed Rounds (both with follow-on investment) where it made absolute sense. Selectively, if we love your business and would like to invest in a B-Round, but you're at an earlier stage, then our Advisory team may help you get there by raising funds for your start-up.


In B-Rounds, we would typically expect to invest upwards of £10m and obviously less in earlier rounds.

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