real estate

Investing for Value and Growth

Momentum Capital has been investing successfully in Real Estate since 2009 focusing on two types of strategies to create a balanced portfolio mix.

Value Add

Momentum Capital typically target properties that have existing rental income and seek to increase that cash flow over time by making improvements to or repositioning the property. This could include making physical improvements to the asset that will allow it to command higher rents, increasing efforts to lease vacant space at the property to quality tenants, or improving the management of the property and thereby increasing customer satisfaction or lowering operating expenses where possible. We feel that value add projects provide the perfect balance of risk vs. return—offering in-place cash flow at the time of acquisition with significant upside potential in the form of value appreciation.


Our opportunistic real estate strategy follows the value add approach but takes it a step further on the risk spectrum. Opportunistic properties tend to need significant rehabilitation, redevelopment or new development in order to realise their potential. These types of projects offer the highest level of return if the investment and project plan is successful, but also bear the most risk. Rarely, we will also look at investment in developments or act as developers.

If you have an off-market opportunity for us to look at why not contact us for a conversation?