Momentum Capital - simply speaking, we just take our name seriously. We invest our energy, thinking, expertise and funds to generate growth - pure and simple. We look for opportunities with unrealised potential where momentum in capital and thinking helps to succeed.

Momentum Capital is the direct investment arm of a single family office. From its origins in 2002 as a mid-market private equity investor, Momentum Capital evolved into a broadly based investment company targeting opportunities in private equity, venture capital, real estate and financial markets. 

Being a direct investor with permanent capital and not a fund helps to be more nimble in thought and action. The Momentum Capital team tries to anticipate trends and to identify new opportunities where others see none, thinks outside the box, acts opportunistically and tries to stay agile in its decision making.

Over the years Momentum Capital has generated exceptional returns, the team has changed and the business model has evolved, but we have remained true to our core beliefs. We would love to speak with you about your ideas.

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