family offices

Peer-to-Peer Advice from Family Office to Family Office

Momentum Capital is the direct investment arm of a Single Family Office, dating its origins back several hundred years. The generations of family members, managers and advisors have experienced wars, economic and financial booms and busts, inflations and deflations and quite a few deaths, divorces and the like.

The Momentum Capital team makes this experience available to Ultra High Net Worth individuals and families seeking to establish their own family office as well existing family offices. We can provide the assistance and guidance that comes only with many years of experience, having done it all ourselves. This expertise is very rare in the industry and includes:

  • Review and assessment of existing operations

  • Structuring new family offices

  • Investment focus enlargement or shift

  • Introduction of direct investment strategies to existing wealth management

  • Fund due diligence

  • Establishment of capital market of hedge fund strategies

  • Alternative asset strategies

  • Assistance with all operational aspects, such as accounting, tax, reporting, trustee services, etc.

  • Personal staffing and concierge services

Naturally we work with professional advisors where appropriate and can recommend and introduce the best professionals in the business to provide the right advice.

We would be delighted to have an informal confidential conversation. Please contact Tobias Poensgen for this activity.