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Strategic real estate advice from an investor perspective

As a principal investor and developer of real estate, Momentum Capital has an more focussed experience base than mainstream advisory firms. The Momentum Capital team has owned, built, developed and invested into real estate world-wide, bringing the type of expertise and perspective that matches the requirement of corporations, asset managers and developers at board level.

Corporations need to concentrate on their core business and developing a comprehensive and effective real estate strategy can be both challenging and time consuming. Momentum Capital advises asset owners on

  • optimising portfolios to maximise returns and reduce costs
  • identifying the optimal location to achieve consolidation and relocation
  • aligning real estate assets to the operational needs of the business
  • leveraging property assets to improve the profit & loss accounts
  • raising capital from leasehold and freehold estate

Momentum Capital’s added value

Simply speaking, Momentum Capital develop a real estate strategy to improve business performance and returns. The Momentum Capital team is able to structure transactions and introduce private and institutional investors. We offer a tailored advisory service with an emphasis on long-term value creation exploring strategies for maximising owner or shareholder value.

In particular Momentum Capital focuses its real estate advisory on:

  • Identification of off-market assets
  • Disposal and acquisition strategies of assets and asset portfolios
  • Real estate restructuring and real estate financial engineering (outsourcing, balance sheet optimisation, etc.)
  • Location strategy including rationalisation and relocation analysis.
  • Portfolio optimisation, such as helping to reduce the cost of vacant real estate
  • Direct capital introduction (equity and debt)
  • Alternative capital raising through re-gearing of leasehold properties, investment sales or sale and leasebacks
  • Equity partnerships and joint-ventures

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